Granna plus Andee. BFF.

Seriously.  I don’t think any person has ever loved another like Andee loves her Granna.  And I’m not sure that any Granna has ever been so obsessed with another Andee.  This relationship is beyond words.  I mean, seriously, don’t feel bad if you wonder why Andee doesn’t seem to like you as much as she likes Granna–I feel the same way 🙂

So Granna came to visit this past week.  We had a great time.  We went to the zoo for Andee’s friend CJ’s birthday too.  It was a fun week!



This last pic is Andee and I with Cynthia on her Senior Cross Country Day!  Steve had to be at school and was super sad to miss it, but Andee and I got to go support “sissy” (this is what Andee calls Cynthia now).  Way to go Cynthia!


Cookie Help

The other day we made cookies.  I have a “mentee” named Airies.  She is in 3rd grade.  Everyone should participate in your local Mentors/BigBrother BigSister program.  But I digress…

So we made cookies.  Airies, Andee, and I.  We had a blast.  Everyone had to have their aprons on.  And everyone got to taste the fruit of our work before we delivered baggies of cookies around the neighborhood.


I promise all we had was cookies…no adult drinks…even though Andee might look like she had a few 🙂

Bake cookies with someone you love and give some of them away!  Promised to brighten your day.

hoo hoo.

it’s been forever since i posted.  but i am not allowing myself to feel guilty.  it’s my blog, and i’ll do what i want.

we went to florida and had a great time.  but i don’t have any pics yet.  we had a camera fiasco, but managed to get a few pics on my grandma’s camera.  but that camera stayed in georgia so i am awaiting a few pics over email sometime.

just to hold you over until you see a few florida pics, here is one of our andee tonight.  she is modeling an extremely cute owl hair clip that i made.  i am going to start selling hair clips on  they are darn cute.  i have flowers, owls, and round ones.

a little late, but still just as cute!

click here to see a video of andee eating her birthday cake…soo stinkin’ cute!

Andee loves sugar.

Books & Lyrics

Our bedroom.  I want it to be cozy.  I want it to be warm.  I want it to smell good.

I don’t spend a ton of time in our bedroom, but when I do I want it to make me happy.  For that reason, I am always doing small things to improve our bedroom and make it suit us more.  Little things.  And not always things that are great decorating tips, but just stuff that makes us smile.

We have had a “memory wall” for a long time.  Basically just a wall of “clutter” that is special to us and reminds us of trips, events, and things that we love.  But now we have 2 new things that I love:

1.  Lyric wall.  Steve L-O-V-E-S music.  So I thought it would be fun if we left some paint in our room and wrote lyrics up on the wall whenever we want.  It’s been super fun for us.  And honestly, it’s pretty darn romantic. Also, we kind of feel like we are breaking the rules when we write on the wall, so it’s good for our rebellious side too.  When I came back from youth camp this summer, Steve had written this one while I was gone…

2.  I just started making our bed with our books and I really like it.  Clearly it’s not a big deal, but I really like it.  We both really love books and typically read as we are falling asleep at nights.  Now I make our bed with each of our current books on our pillows.  It gives our bed some character, and honestly probably reminds us to read even more.  It gives our bedroom a more cozy feel and it gives me incentive to make the bed.

What books are on the bed right now?

A Place on Earth by Wendell Berry on my side.  And Sign Talker by James Alexander Thom on Steve’s side.  Read them 🙂


Remember last week when I posted a long post on de-cluttering my life, and I gave a few tips for you to de-clutter too?  I need to repent for my comments on how many towels you need.

Most days, most weeks, most months even, we only need 4-6 bath towels in our home.  I was right about that.  I wash often enough that this is the perfect amount for us.  So when I got rid of all my other towels, I was super excited to have a linen closet that wasn’t overflowing.


Our toilet.  This morning.  4 times.  I believe we are having a sewer issue.  And we have about 2 inches of water in our bathroom.  Our ONE bathroom.  We are not above peeing in the backyard at this point.

So I need to restate my comment on how many towels you need.  4-6 bath towels and 2-4 beach towels do not cut it when you have a sewage emergency.  Especially when you can’t wash them because when the washing machine drains the water and soap come up in the toilet.

Here are my 2 suggestions for keeping your linen closet free of clutter but also being prepared for an emergency:

1.  If you have the storage space in your garage, simply keep a pile of old, random towels out there for emergencies.  I’m sure they would come in handy in many other situations as well.

2.  Get rid of all the towels you don’t need and pray that you never have plumbing issues.

Happy de-cluttering 🙂  And if you stop by my house anytime soon, don’t walk in the front yard.  We unscrewed the cap in our yard to relieve the pressure in our pipes.  Let’s just say that the dog poop is no longer the only poop in our yard.

marriage tip #1

steve and i haven’t been married that long, so we don’t have a ton of advice.  there are a few things, however, that i think we do pretty well 😉

steve tends to have trouble putting things back where they belong (not knocking, just stating the truth). i used to let it bother me, and then i realized it was the perfect opportunity for a fun game.  like when i go in to go to bed and he has dirty clothes all over the bed, instead of getting frustrated i now like to lay them out like a person lying on the bed.  it’s a pretty funny site.

so the most recent game is with the honey.  steve has been addicted to peanut butter and honey sandwiches (pooh-butter), and while he can get the pb back where it goes, the honey always seems to stay on the counter.  so i started putting it back in different spots each time.  at first, i did cabinets that made a little bit of sense, just different each time.  the spice cabinet, the baking cabinet, the pantry.  then he noticed, and he said, “why do you put the honey somewhere different each time?”  and i said, “why do you leave the honey on the counter each time?”  answering a question with another question, that’s something i learned from jesus (seriously, read the bible).

so once he noticed, i had free reign to put it anywhere.  i started with under a glass in the cabinet.  then there was a change in the game!  STEVE started moving the honey around.  i found it on the nightstand.  i moved it to his dresser with his t-shirts.  then i needed it to make some honey butter and i couldn’t find it.  i texted him and he ignored.  i made cinnamon butter instead.  this morning i was in the bathroom and i saw this…

so the moral of the story?  we don’t have to be frustrated with everything our spouse doesn’t do our way.  we can have fun with it.  and really, i won.  steve now pays attention to where the honey is.  it might be in the bathroom, but either way he pays attention.

have a happy marriage today!