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has your kid ever stuck her whole hand in a giraffe’s mouth?

mine has.


Granna plus Andee. BFF.

Seriously.  I don’t think any person has ever loved another like Andee loves her Granna.  And I’m not sure that any Granna has ever been so obsessed with another Andee.  This relationship is beyond words.  I mean, seriously, don’t feel bad if you wonder why Andee doesn’t seem to like you as much as she likes Granna–I feel the same way 🙂

So Granna came to visit this past week.  We had a great time.  We went to the zoo for Andee’s friend CJ’s birthday too.  It was a fun week!



This last pic is Andee and I with Cynthia on her Senior Cross Country Day!  Steve had to be at school and was super sad to miss it, but Andee and I got to go support “sissy” (this is what Andee calls Cynthia now).  Way to go Cynthia!

Cookie Help

The other day we made cookies.  I have a “mentee” named Airies.  She is in 3rd grade.  Everyone should participate in your local Mentors/BigBrother BigSister program.  But I digress…

So we made cookies.  Airies, Andee, and I.  We had a blast.  Everyone had to have their aprons on.  And everyone got to taste the fruit of our work before we delivered baggies of cookies around the neighborhood.


I promise all we had was cookies…no adult drinks…even though Andee might look like she had a few 🙂

Bake cookies with someone you love and give some of them away!  Promised to brighten your day.