Remember last week when I posted a long post on de-cluttering my life, and I gave a few tips for you to de-clutter too?  I need to repent for my comments on how many towels you need.

Most days, most weeks, most months even, we only need 4-6 bath towels in our home.  I was right about that.  I wash often enough that this is the perfect amount for us.  So when I got rid of all my other towels, I was super excited to have a linen closet that wasn’t overflowing.


Our toilet.  This morning.  4 times.  I believe we are having a sewer issue.  And we have about 2 inches of water in our bathroom.  Our ONE bathroom.  We are not above peeing in the backyard at this point.

So I need to restate my comment on how many towels you need.  4-6 bath towels and 2-4 beach towels do not cut it when you have a sewage emergency.  Especially when you can’t wash them because when the washing machine drains the water and soap come up in the toilet.

Here are my 2 suggestions for keeping your linen closet free of clutter but also being prepared for an emergency:

1.  If you have the storage space in your garage, simply keep a pile of old, random towels out there for emergencies.  I’m sure they would come in handy in many other situations as well.

2.  Get rid of all the towels you don’t need and pray that you never have plumbing issues.

Happy de-cluttering 🙂  And if you stop by my house anytime soon, don’t walk in the front yard.  We unscrewed the cap in our yard to relieve the pressure in our pipes.  Let’s just say that the dog poop is no longer the only poop in our yard.