steve and i haven’t been married that long, so we don’t have a ton of advice.  there are a few things, however, that i think we do pretty well 😉

steve tends to have trouble putting things back where they belong (not knocking, just stating the truth). i used to let it bother me, and then i realized it was the perfect opportunity for a fun game.  like when i go in to go to bed and he has dirty clothes all over the bed, instead of getting frustrated i now like to lay them out like a person lying on the bed.  it’s a pretty funny site.

so the most recent game is with the honey.  steve has been addicted to peanut butter and honey sandwiches (pooh-butter), and while he can get the pb back where it goes, the honey always seems to stay on the counter.  so i started putting it back in different spots each time.  at first, i did cabinets that made a little bit of sense, just different each time.  the spice cabinet, the baking cabinet, the pantry.  then he noticed, and he said, “why do you put the honey somewhere different each time?”  and i said, “why do you leave the honey on the counter each time?”  answering a question with another question, that’s something i learned from jesus (seriously, read the bible).

so once he noticed, i had free reign to put it anywhere.  i started with under a glass in the cabinet.  then there was a change in the game!  STEVE started moving the honey around.  i found it on the nightstand.  i moved it to his dresser with his t-shirts.  then i needed it to make some honey butter and i couldn’t find it.  i texted him and he ignored.  i made cinnamon butter instead.  this morning i was in the bathroom and i saw this…

so the moral of the story?  we don’t have to be frustrated with everything our spouse doesn’t do our way.  we can have fun with it.  and really, i won.  steve now pays attention to where the honey is.  it might be in the bathroom, but either way he pays attention.

have a happy marriage today!