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Remember last week when I posted a long post on de-cluttering my life, and I gave a few tips for you to de-clutter too?  I need to repent for my comments on how many towels you need.

Most days, most weeks, most months even, we only need 4-6 bath towels in our home.  I was right about that.  I wash often enough that this is the perfect amount for us.  So when I got rid of all my other towels, I was super excited to have a linen closet that wasn’t overflowing.


Our toilet.  This morning.  4 times.  I believe we are having a sewer issue.  And we have about 2 inches of water in our bathroom.  Our ONE bathroom.  We are not above peeing in the backyard at this point.

So I need to restate my comment on how many towels you need.  4-6 bath towels and 2-4 beach towels do not cut it when you have a sewage emergency.  Especially when you can’t wash them because when the washing machine drains the water and soap come up in the toilet.

Here are my 2 suggestions for keeping your linen closet free of clutter but also being prepared for an emergency:

1.  If you have the storage space in your garage, simply keep a pile of old, random towels out there for emergencies.  I’m sure they would come in handy in many other situations as well.

2.  Get rid of all the towels you don’t need and pray that you never have plumbing issues.

Happy de-cluttering 🙂  And if you stop by my house anytime soon, don’t walk in the front yard.  We unscrewed the cap in our yard to relieve the pressure in our pipes.  Let’s just say that the dog poop is no longer the only poop in our yard.


marriage tip #1

steve and i haven’t been married that long, so we don’t have a ton of advice.  there are a few things, however, that i think we do pretty well 😉

steve tends to have trouble putting things back where they belong (not knocking, just stating the truth). i used to let it bother me, and then i realized it was the perfect opportunity for a fun game.  like when i go in to go to bed and he has dirty clothes all over the bed, instead of getting frustrated i now like to lay them out like a person lying on the bed.  it’s a pretty funny site.

so the most recent game is with the honey.  steve has been addicted to peanut butter and honey sandwiches (pooh-butter), and while he can get the pb back where it goes, the honey always seems to stay on the counter.  so i started putting it back in different spots each time.  at first, i did cabinets that made a little bit of sense, just different each time.  the spice cabinet, the baking cabinet, the pantry.  then he noticed, and he said, “why do you put the honey somewhere different each time?”  and i said, “why do you leave the honey on the counter each time?”  answering a question with another question, that’s something i learned from jesus (seriously, read the bible).

so once he noticed, i had free reign to put it anywhere.  i started with under a glass in the cabinet.  then there was a change in the game!  STEVE started moving the honey around.  i found it on the nightstand.  i moved it to his dresser with his t-shirts.  then i needed it to make some honey butter and i couldn’t find it.  i texted him and he ignored.  i made cinnamon butter instead.  this morning i was in the bathroom and i saw this…

so the moral of the story?  we don’t have to be frustrated with everything our spouse doesn’t do our way.  we can have fun with it.  and really, i won.  steve now pays attention to where the honey is.  it might be in the bathroom, but either way he pays attention.

have a happy marriage today!

i go through phases…

and right now, I am in a “give it all away”, “get rid of it”, “sell it on ebay”, “through it away while steve’s not looking” phase.

I bought an e-book on my kindle app called Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to downsize, declutter, and simplify.  Clearly, I was entering into this phase when I bought the book, because otherwise I would never have bought the book :).  But WOW is it kicking my selfish little butt (I write “LITTLE butt” less as a true comment about the size of my butt and more as an encouraging statement to get me out walking after the baby’s nap today!)

Here are a few tidbits I have taken from my new read that may resonate with or challenge you:

*I went through my closet.  If I hadn’t worn something in 1 year, I got rid of it (with the exception of my wedding dress.  this is something you probably want to keep and hopefully will not wear once a year).

*Did you know that we actually don’t NEED all the towels in our linen closet?  I was challenged to think about what towels we actually need.  Here is what I came up with.  We need 4-6 large towels, 2 washcloths, 2 hand towels, and 4 beach towels.  We don’t use wash cloths and only need them when our friend Blaire comes to visit :).  We actually don’t need the towels I have left over from college.  The towels that teenagers have left here.  The random towels that I have no idea where they came from.

What should you do with your extra towels?  Here’s what I did (and I came up with this idea all on my own :))…I used them instead of “packing peanuts” in the boxes of stuff I just sold on ebay.  Yep, it got them off my hands and it is a special treat to the lady who bought my stuff 🙂

Also, you could make superhero capes for your kids, cut them up and make cleaning rags, or donate them to Goodwill.

So there are two tips for you 🙂  I will be posting more ways to simplify your life soon!

Celebrating the purple mountain majesty.

Blaire came over to celebrate the 4th of July with us.  This was super exciting because Steve basically had to work all weekend, so Andee and I completely loved hanging out with Blaire and having a friend to spend a few days with.  We kept to a busy schedule so as to get all the fun in we could..

We went up to Frontier Ranch to watch busses arrive, hang out with friends, and enjoy the snack bar.

We went to a bluegrass music night in town, and enjoyed time with friends and kiddos. Lots of “quilt time” together and lots of dancing!  It was a wonderful evening…

We ran a 5K.  Ok, I walked/kind of jogged a 5K.  Blaire ran.  Andee did this same 5K last year.  It’s already her second road race!

Andee's cousin Gavin ran the 5K too!


We were in the 4th of July parade…

And to wrap up our celebratory weekend, we spent the evening grilling out, hanging out, and watching fireworks at our good friends, the Flowers’, ranch.

Thanks Blaire for spending the weekend with us, and thanks for the pics!  We missed Steve during this great weekend but otherwise it was a fun-filled weekend!

Rodeo Fun.

You may remember this pic from last year’s BV Rodeo.  Andee’s first one!

Oh, what a difference a year makes…

At least the clown smiled both years.

1 year, 1 month, 1 crazy toddler

Andee is 13 months old today!  She is into EVERYTHING! We can officially say that we have a toddler.  She is walking everywhere.  Her only skill left to master with walking is to be able to stand up from a sit when she falls down.  Other than that, we are rockin’ and rollin’ :).

Andee talks a good bit, but most of the words are in Andee language right now.  However, we are able to detect momma, daddy, doggie, and thank you on most days.

Andee sleeps well, although some mornings she wants to play before we want to get up 🙂  She eats anything you put in front of her, and has started loving bananas (much to her daddy’s chagrin.  he thought she was going to join him in trying to rid the world of bananas).

Here are a few pics from Andee this morning…


On June 12th, Andee was dedicated at church.  It was also the same day that I got commissioned into my new job at the church, so it was a big day for us!

We are so excited to raise Andee in the fabulous church family that we have.  She is truly blessed to be surrounded by people who consider her family and are committed to helping us raise her.  And we are blessed too!