Here we go!

Aunt Buff came to visit us a few weekends ago.  We had a blast.  We had some other friends in town doing an adventure race, so we cheered them on, had a great dinner in the back room together, went on walks, and just hung out together.  It was a great time!

After a great weekend with Aunt Buff, we (Leslie, Andee, and Aunt Buff) hopped a plane for Georgia!  We spent 8 days there with family and friends.  It was a great time too.  Andee loves being around family!  I wish I had a pic from the time there, but they are on my mom’s camera.  It could be awhile before I see them, folks…

No, I didn’t get a makeover.  But on Sunday I gave the front of my house a mini-makeover.  Steve had to work all afternoon, and Andee was sleeping, so I had no one to play with.  So I did this:

I call this the $15.00 makeover.  I simply gave the front of my house a facelift.  I took down the shutters, cleaned them and repainted them, repainted our house numbers and the star, and cleaned the front of the house with a broom.  The only cost?  4 cans of spray paint.

Yep, we are in the mafia.  Or at least we were on Sunday night.  We went to a fun party to celebrate the birthdays of our friends Robin & Traci.  It is always great to dress up and pretend as well 😉

That’s a water gun…I promise.

Our little motormouth…

That is Andee eating her afternoon snack outside while I finished up the mini-makeover.  She is quite the motormouth these days.  She is saying DaDa, MaMa, thank you, and doggie.  She has taken about 9 steps over the past few days.  We are slightly scared for the day when she takes off 🙂