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A Snowy Easter Sunday…

Yep, we had 3 inches of snow on our deck as the background to our fun, funky, springtime Easter table….but all was okay because Granna was here with us!

yes, that is a space heater sitting on the far end of my table.  you may call that an eye sore…i call it sanity when it’s snowing on easter 🙂

want the recipe for the fun and easy Homemade Toaster Strudels (on the right)?  click here  they are really fun and we change the recipe up sometimes (on Easter we used cream cheese icing..yum yum!)

love love love those buttons on her dress.  she was like a mini Jackie O 😉

Playing with cousin Gavin at Aunt Patty’s house

And last but not least…..introducing….Cynthia!

Not a great pic of Andee, but good of the rest of us.  Cynthia is a high school Junior and moved in with us early March.  We have been joking around that I haven’t introduced her to the blog world yet, so here you go.  We love having her live with us for this season of life.  She is energetic, fun-loving, social and a heck of a soccer player.  She brings a lot of life and energy to our home!

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!

One more pic….from this morning 🙂


10 months!

Andee is 10 months old today!  She just keeps getting more precious and enjoyable.  We really love having her around–which is good, seeing that she is here to stay.

Andee loves crawling, standing up, trying to climb on things, “growling” (we aren’t sure what this is but it’s a ridiculous sound she makes), pointing at things and talking to them, and sleeping.  She is a rough playing baby and doesn’t mind falling much.  I’m pretty sure she will walk around a year, because she is already letting her hands go when she pulls up.  Andee loves being mobile–she isn’t into anything that confines her.  She is wild about her freedom.  Oh, sometimes being like your momma is a curse.

Here are a few pics from today of our 10 month old doll…

Happy 10 months Andee!

p.s. this pic shows another curse of being like your momma…obsession with the pottery barn catalog…


Andee goes international…

Yep, Andee went to the Caribbean.  And so did we!  Last week we headed to our 2nd favorite place in the world, the Dominican Republic.  If you haven’t followed our family on our other trips to the DR, click here 2010 trip or here 2009 trip to check out our last 2 trips.  If you would like to hear about this year’s trip, keep reading…

We love the DR!  And we love how the ministry of Young Life is permeating that island.  We go to work on the YL camp, Pico Escondido.  It is a magical place, and we love being a part of the construction of many things at camp.  This year, I worked on a stone pathway and helped with sanding and staining bunk beds, while Steve made some humungo awnings for their gym.  We also have some great friends that we love visiting while we are there.  Ex-pats who work at camp, Dominicans who work at camp, and some friends that work at a fabulous school in Jarabacoa.

We also got a spend an afternoon at the beach at the end of our trip. Andee loved the Caribbean ocean.  She did not love the handful of sand that she put in her mouth, but she loved the ocean water and the pool!

Enjoy the pics from our trip!

andee with her friend giovanni. he loved her and she loved him!

many of the dominican people who met andee called her "muneca", which means "doll." i can see why 🙂

the fam out to eat at "pico pollo"

p.s. look how curly my baby’s hair is there!

just like her momma, andee seems to have a special place in her heart for our dear friend aneuri.

we found a great heart stone for the path we made. love it!

daddy and andee hanging out after lunch one day

our new friends aldo & katie. they will make fabulous parents one day 🙂

a little family time at the beach!

i promise she loved it, despite her face 🙂

steve and the guys!

el grupo

la familia


and a few more cute ones of Andee that I just can’t leave out…

The Quilico’s love the Dominican Republic!

p.s.  I mentioned that we visited with our friend Meredith who works at an incredible school in Jarabacoa.  I took some pics of the school when we were there, but they don’t do it justice at all.  Please go visit the website by clicking here- DOULOS.  The school, Doulos Discovery School, has a crazy cool vision.  They are developing Christ-centered, educated leaders in hopes of changing the future of the DR.  They mix poor kids and rich kids.  They have kids of different nationalities.  They teach kids how to discover, think, imagine, and create.  I LOVE DOULOS!  AND I THINK YOU SHOULD TOO!  The truth is, there are a ton of things that people like us can do to help Doulos. Check it out and see if you can help in any way!  If you have questions, email me….