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Happy Heart Day!

I have a sneaking suspicion that when Andee is about 16 years old, Valentine’s Day and Prom Night are going to be our most unfavorite days.  She is too stinkin’ cute for her own good.

Last night Steve and I attended a ministry banquet at our church with some friends.  The theme was Hawaiian, so it was fun to dress like it was warm in the middle of winter.  I wore flippers, which are a bit inconvenient while walking through a room filled with tables. Steve got called on stage to play a game…he got a tissue box tied around his waist where the box sat on his rear end, then had to shake his rump and try to get ping pong balls to come out of the tissue box.  He was hilarious!  And rather good too, which is disturbing.

Happy Valentines from the Quilico’s!


Andee at 8 months…part 2.

Ok, here are the pics of Andee from yesterday, when she turned 8 months old!

She hadn’t seen her daddy all week, because I was out of town for work and Andee came with me (Granna met us there to watch her all week).  Needless to say, they were both excited to see each other…

Even more needless to say…Andee had just finished eating squash for dinner….

Happy 8 Month Birthday sweet baby 🙂

Andee is 8 months old!

But that is not what I am posting about.  I have had these cute pics for a few weeks and have not had time to post.  From a great weekend with my dear friend Blaire.  Andee went on a snowshoeing adventure for the first time ever!  We had a great time…

Thank you to Grandma Stephenie and Grandpa Jason for the awesome snow suit!

Great weekend and a great friend!

our little ragamuffin.