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Not quite yet…

Yep, we aren’t quite to crawling in our house, though we are getting close.  Here is Andee’s latest attempt at crawling…enjoy!

Andee trying to crawl


Picture this situation…

I have a meeting in Salida at 10 a.m.  My friend Rachelle is going down there too.  We ride together, and stop at the nice grocery store in Salida before she drops me off at the coffee shop for my meeting.

We get to the coffee shop, and I tell her to let me get my notebooks out of the back of her car for my meeting.  I was so prepared and had good stuff in the notebooks.

I grab the bag and head into my meeting.

I look down as I’m walking into the door and realize that instead of my notebooks, I have grabbed the tortillas and eggs that I bought at the grocery store.  Not so prepared anymore.  But very professional.

7 months!

While I’m on a roll….I think I’ll do two posts in one night!  Andee turned 7 months old this Tuesday.  In honor of her 7 month birthday, we tried on all her hats and did a photo shoot.  Okay, perhaps we did that in order to see which ones fit and which ones don’t.  So that we could get rid of the ones that are too small.  But I told Andee it was for her 7 month don’t tell on me 🙂

This one will be perfect for the spring!

Maybe a little crooked Mommy.

Not sure if I like this one, even though you made it Mommy.

Yep. This one is ready to be passed down!

No more pics, please.

What now?

This one is my favorite Mommy!

Happy 7 Month Birthday little one!  We love you.

Christmas Cheer…mid-January

I figure that most people who read my blog probably read other peoples’ blogs too.  And about a week or so after Christmas, everyone was posting their Christmas pics and Christmas stories.

My friends, I didn’t want to bore you.  So I kindly gave you some time before I posted our Christmas stuff.  Yep, three weeks worth of time.  I did it for you and your reading pleasure, not because I’ve been too busy and lazy.  Nope, definitely not because I’ve been lazy.

We spent most of our Christmas in Georgia, from a few days before Christmas until Jan. 3rd.  We had such a great time celebrating with family on Christmas, and then the day after Christmas our friends Robin and Rachelle came out to spend time in the deep south.  Sadly, I did not take one single picture while they were in GA with us.  I barely even took any on Christmas or before.  I’ve been rebelling.

Truly, though, we had a great time with family and friends over the holidays.  Andee had a great first Christmas.  Thank you to everyone who made her time so special.  Here are some of the pics from Christmas…

Cute Christmas dress handmade by Mommy

Yay! A smiley picture..the first time in Santa's lap!

My best friends and their mommies and babies on Christmas Eve

Baby Andee's and Baby Cooper's first Christmas Eve breakfast...

Andee and Daddy seeing what Santa brought.

Look what Santa left for me!

Our Christmas morning family pic

All pooped out on Christmas night.

Merry Christmas!