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My Christmas Trick…

I figured this out yesterday.  Andee has no idea when Christmas really is.  So I put together her chair, the present that Steve and I got her for Christmas.  And I’m letting her sit it in anytime she wants!  I feel like such a Christmas present rebel, and I’m liking the way that feels…

Merry Christmas Everyone!  And open your presents early if you want 🙂


Half a Year!

That’s how old Andee was last Saturday!  Here are a few pictures of our sweet little one…

And here is a pic of the 2010 Quilico Christmas Tree.  Notice the painting to the left..I did that during our “Canvas & Cocktails” night that I hosted to raise money for Young Life.  Nothing more fun than a group of women, paint, wine, chocolate, and Christmas music to celebrate the holidays 🙂

Gatlinburg, TN

Yep, I was there last weekend.  No Steve this year, as he had a wrestling tournament to coach.  But Andee did take her first post-birth trip to Gatlinburg.  She had a blast…

Chillin' with Aunt Buff

Watching the Christmas parade with Mommy

Santa was staying in our hotel! Andee, Montgomery, and Lindsey with Santa...Mimi was not happy that I "just handed the baby over to some stranger" I reminded her that he was Santa but she didn't seem to care...

Love this face.

And my favorite pic of the whole trip…

Those smiles are just priceless! Mimi with her great-grandchild.

Gatlinburg=fun.  And much more.  I always love the trip and the time spent with family!

It was Steve’s Birthday!

On December 2nd.  He turned 27 years old.  To celebrate, some friends went with us to cut down Christmas trees up in the mountains.  We had a blast!  Then we went back to our house, decorated our tree, and ate lots of chili and cupcakes.  It was a great and fun celebration.

Enjoying the snow while we picked out a tree.

Yes, a little tall, but just perfect for the 3rd Annual Quilico Christmas Tree.

Burgess', Cortese's, Quilico's, and Nate Flowers modeling in the front 🙂

Andee wore a shirt that said, "I love my Daddy" for the celebration!

Just a cute recent pic of baby on her daddy's shoulders 🙂

Happy Birthday Steve!  I love you!