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remember how Jesus healed the leper?

that’s what I’m praying for my friend wyatt right now.

that jesus would touch his body and heal him.

pray with me.


5 months (13 days ago…) Plus other stuff :)

Yep, needless to say we have been a little busy.  But here is a pic of Andee on her 5 month birthday.  Steve is holding up 5 fingers so we wouldn’t forget….

love those cheeks.

Last weekend, Steve and I took our high school friends to camp for the weekend at Crooked Creek Ranch…

Here we are with our “butt sleds” on.  We had a blast with these.  I even put mine on backwards and slid on my stomach for a few runs…

And for an added bonus, two pics of Andee during bathtime with Daddy.  She loves the mohawk 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you tomorrow!  We hope that you get to spend it with family, friends, and that JOY overflows!

small pic. great friends.

hey blog world.  a little out of order, but i went home to Georgia to visit my dear friend cori and her new baby cooper.  i went the week of halloween, but i didn’t take my camera.  here is a pic from cori’s blog of our visit. blaire went home too.  she rode on the plane with andee and i.  it was a great visit, and it’s always great to be around your best friends!  plus, cooper is precious 🙂

Andee here…

Mommy and Daddy have been really busy (Mommy has her Young Life Banquet this coming Tuesday and Daddy is out trying to get an elk), so I’ve mostly been chillin’.  Just thought I would let you all see what I’ve been up to:

Just enjoying my bed.

Hanging out with my favorite dinosaur.

Smiling a lot.

Playing with my stacking cups.

I’ve been a pretty busy girl too!  Mommy and Daddy are excited for things to slow down around Thanksgiving so that they can spend a TON of time with me 🙂  I’m a pretty fun girl to hang out with.

Happy Saturday to my blog friends!

Peace, Andee Amor

One little indian.

Find Andee is this cute pic of all the kiddos on Halloween 🙂

(More pics to come.  My camera battery was dead, but Lisa took some pics of Andee for us…)