And we had fun!  Blaire and a few other friends joined us!  Look how much fun Andee had!

Andee and Blaire

Andee as the scarecrow

Trying to make Andee the pumpkin face.

Us when we realized this was actually a BEAN BAG TOSS and not one of those things you get behind and take pictures

Love this face 🙂

Resting with Papa on Saturday afternoon...


Did I mention that Jem came to visit from Germany?  I had to take him back to the airport today and I almost refused.  I wish he still lived here, and so does the rest of our family!  We had such a blast with Jem visiting these past 2 weeks, and Andee will really miss her big brother…

And last but not least, here is a pic of Andee showing off her new piece of furniture.  I was looking for some sort of cupboard or chest to store baby kitchen stuff.  I found this antique children’s cabinet at my favorite store of all time, The Barn in Castle Rock.  It will store all our baby kitchen stuff for now, and when Andee is a little older she will put her little pots and pans and fake plastic food in it 🙂  I’m very proud of this piece, and I might even paint it sometime soon if I decide on a color I like…