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We went to a pumpkin patch…Jem was here!…I got something new :)

And we had fun!  Blaire and a few other friends joined us!  Look how much fun Andee had!

Andee and Blaire

Andee as the scarecrow

Trying to make Andee the pumpkin face.

Us when we realized this was actually a BEAN BAG TOSS and not one of those things you get behind and take pictures

Love this face 🙂

Resting with Papa on Saturday afternoon...


Did I mention that Jem came to visit from Germany?  I had to take him back to the airport today and I almost refused.  I wish he still lived here, and so does the rest of our family!  We had such a blast with Jem visiting these past 2 weeks, and Andee will really miss her big brother…

And last but not least, here is a pic of Andee showing off her new piece of furniture.  I was looking for some sort of cupboard or chest to store baby kitchen stuff.  I found this antique children’s cabinet at my favorite store of all time, The Barn in Castle Rock.  It will store all our baby kitchen stuff for now, and when Andee is a little older she will put her little pots and pans and fake plastic food in it 🙂  I’m very proud of this piece, and I might even paint it sometime soon if I decide on a color I like…


Hello my name is Andee and I can roll over.

It’s true!  Andee rolled over this morning.  A gazillion times.  She did it so much that she has been sleeping for over 2 hours right now.  She never does that.  She must be tuckered out.

I sang a song to her while she was rolling over.  It’s by our friends Drew and Ellie Holcomb (if you don’t know their music you should…look them up!).  Here are the lyrics I kept singing to Andee…”Roll, roll, rollin’ around.  Searching for the gold in the lost and found.  Roll, roll, rollin’ around.”  Andee wasn’t rolling over for gold, she was trying to get a stuffed dinosaur that her Granna gave her.  But I still thought the song was appropriate.

Here are some pics of Andee right after she rolled over and then in the action.  We got it on videotape, but I don’t know how to put those on the blog.  Maybe you’ll get lucky and Steve will figure it out 🙂

Cute naked baby 😉

Now I have to get to work.  Now I have to get to work. Now I have to get to work.

Two weeks, lot’s of fun!

It’s been two weeks since I posted.  Wow, we have been busy!

Here are some pics of what we’ve been up to:

Leslie went to the CU/Georgia game in Boulder with Blaire and visited with old friends Tori and Megan too!

Andee got big kisses from Papa 🙂

Andee ate rice cereal for the first time (and yesterday she ate sweet potatoes!)

We took a plane ride to Nebraska to meet up with the family and go to a wedding!

Granddad rocked Andee to sleep at Cracker Barrel

Aunt Buff and Andee got to hang out. (We are calling Laura "Aunt Buff", which has multiple meanings and makes for a good crazy aunt name)

The Quilico Family at the wedding--Congrats to Mandy and Ryan!

I love this face.

and this one.

Andee turned 4 months old on Monday!  The smiley picture was taken on her four month birthday.  When she went to the doctor, we found out that she is 12 lbs 13 ozs, 24.5 inches long, and something like 15 inch head circumference.  We are very proud of her 🙂


1929…Will Power. Where family money is thicker than blood…

This past Saturday, we went back to 1929.  Yep, we travelled to Gold Hill Colorado for a murder mystery.  The title of the blog was the title of our evening.  It was the second time that the Quilico’s have taken part in this adventure.  If you remember from last year, we were on the winning team.  Click here to see last year’s post, which tells you about the cute little town of Gold Hill.  This year, the weekend was up in the air because a wildfire came close to burning down all of Gold Hill just a few weeks ago.  We are so grateful that Gold Hill was saved.  It is a precious place and is quickly turning into one of our favorite places to visit.

We also got to take some friends along this year.  So the weekend is put on by my (Leslie) boss and his wife, the Tankersley’s.  They invite folks up and throw a great party with the murder mystery, a wine tasting, and breakfast the next morning.  This year, we got to bring the Burgess’ and the Saewert’s with us.  Both are couples that we are friends with in BV.  Enjoy the pics…oh, and just in case you are wondering, the Quilico’s won again!  This year we won mugs with naked lady artwork on it.  Awesome.  I feel a little weird drinking from it, but Steve gets all puffy and says, “It’s art Leslie.  Be mature.”

Here are some pics of the BV crowd in Gold Hill 🙂  Thanks Rachelle for my finger wave hairdo.  And thanks to Kirk, Brenda, Robin, and Rachelle for joining us for the night!  We love you guys!

Yes, Baby Andee was a Baby Flapper for the evening.  Although her headband was a little more “Let’s Get Physical” than 1920’s, everything else was spot on–from the fringed onesie to the feathers on her shoes….