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I Wish I Was Lee Marvin

Strange things happen when you’re sick. You suddenly discover that you are not quite as bullet proof as you thought you were. Not that I was in any way, shape, or form bullet proof before, but I suddenly feel the urge to nap during the middle of the day, I feel as weak as a 2 day old kitten, and the thought of eating saltine crackers makes me cringe. My throat is so swollen that swallowing saliva feels like I’ve drunk cheap whiskey laden with shards of broken glass. For a 6’2″, 270 pound man with tattoos up and down his body, this feeling is strangely unfamiliar. You see, I am used to pain. Not only have I sat for hours under the droning buzz of a tattoo machine, but I’ve been a wrestler for 12 years of my life. I’ve learned to “play through the pain,” so to speak. Which is why I’ve decided that this “sickness” is utterly worthless in the scope of my life, unless for some reason I suddenly develop a voice similar to that of the late Lee Marvin. You see,  I am the type of guy that needs things to get done. I’m a results oriented person. Sitting through the pain of a tattoo is worth the result. Getting bruised and broken while wrestling carries with it a certain reward that only a few experience. This sickness is tough. My homework is suffering, I can’t kiss my daughter, my duties around the house aren’t getting done, my coaching is suffering, and I generally feel like a turd because of this. Which is why the only consolation prize for going through this would be to somehow channel the voice of Actor/WW2 Vet/General Badass Lee Marvin.

So me and this sickness hate one another. Well, the hatred is mostly one dimensional.


Sweet playing…

I put Andee on her boppy with a toy the other day and when I walked back in the room a few minutes later here is what I found…

Andee and the rabbit were both tuckered out..

In other news, here is a pic from our YL “Couch Olympics” (think crazy picture scavenger hunt around town with couches and lots of teenagers :)).  One of the guys said we should do a “shake face” picture, where we all shake our face while they are taking it.  Please note my ridiculous face….

You should all try a shaky face picture today 🙂

1/4 of a year..

Yep, that’s how old Andee is now.  3 whole months!  And it’s been a great three months.  Andee is super giggly and smiles when we walk in a room now.  We love that.  She also has a great set of lungs if she doesn’t like what you are doing.  She loves to be layed on her tummy on the boppy pillow, and she loves to go on walks in the stroller.  Here are a few cute pics of Andee on her 3 month birthday (which was also her grandma Stephenie’s birthday–happy birthday Stephenie!)

Look who came to visit--it's Granna and Granddad!

bright eyes...

The day after Andee turned three months old, we spent some time in the backcountry with my mom and dad.  We went to St. Elmo, a really cool ghost town.  Here are a few pics from that adventure…

chipmunks crawling all over steve

Our clashing plaids almost make this picture unbearable.


Happy 2nd Birthday, CJ!

Andee’s friend Campbell Jane turned 2 today.  We are so blessed to be friends with Campbell Jane and her parents.  It definitely doesn’t seem like 2 years ago that we got a call from Lisa that she was in an Oklahoma hospital picking up the precious little girl that God had given them.  And oh boy does God get it right–CJ was created just for the Ismert’s!

Happy Birthday CJ! We love you!  We celebrated in the park this evening and we got some great pics…

Andee celebrating 🙂

William Wild..yep, that's a BIRD on his foot. It landed there and stayed for awhile...

Andee didn't like the sun in her eyes.

4 of my faves...Mia, Andee, William, and CJ

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of CJ’s years!  She is one blessed little girl..

Lake Claussie…Andee visits the backcountry.

On Sunday afternoon, the Quilico family headed up to Lake Claussie to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It is about 15 miles north of Buena Vista on the highway, then about 8 miles in on a dirt road, then another 5 miles or so on a serious 4-wheel drive trail.  Andee slept through the entire 4-wheel drive trail.  The puppies went to, and chased the truck for the entire trail.  They were pooped.

Here are some pics from our high lake experience…

Andee enjoying her stroller.

Our set up...not too shabby, eh?

Ollie wants to be in a LL Bean catalog

too bad i had just caught him eating human poop that he found under a rock.

it was a little chilly


What a fun family outing!  It’s amazing how different a high lake experience is when you have a stroller and a baby 🙂

Mi Amor

having a serious discussion with Daddy..

chillin with her ugly doll

where's waldo..andee style

lovin' the boppy

big girl pants

all smiles

Mi amor esta muy bonita.