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Me and the blog are in a fight..

And I never use proper grammar in a fight.

So if you haven’t noticed, the look of our blog has changed a few times lately.  I am trying to find something new, but each time I switch it I can’t find a way to put our friend’s blog links on our new page.  So basically I just leave it until I find the time to try again.  So enjoy this wooden blog while you can….


10 years ago, in a land far, far away…

Leslie graduated high school.

Yep, and we had our 10 year reunion last weekend.  Steve stayed in CO to take care of the dogs, the grass, the shed, and the fish in the Arkansas River.  It’s a tough life, but Steve is up to it.  I (Leslie) took Andee to visit her grandparents again and I went to the reunion.  Here are the pics to prove it.

Overall, it was a very fun time.  Completely enjoyed catching up with people that I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Go war eagles 🙂

Family Camp!

I (Leslie) was the camp director at a family camp at Frontier Ranch this weekend.  So the Quilico family packed up and headed up the hill 11 miles to stay at Frontier.  We had a great time!  Our friend Robin came up with Steve on Saturday night to hang out, and so did the Flower’s family.  Andee spent a lot of time laying in her stroller (she really likes it there!) and she also wore overalls for the first time.  What a great weekend!

Andee likes it when Daddy puts her above his head.  Except that one time at Family Camp when she spit up in his beard.  He said if it had gone in his mouth he would’ve thrown up.  Picture that.  Me cleaning up a baby who spit up in her daddy’s mouth and a daddy who threw up all over his baby.

We love the Flower’s family!  Eli and his mommy enjoyed the cotton candy…and Andee played with one of her best friends, Mia!

Ap”pear”ently I’m a little tired, Mommy.

dos meses…

Yep, Anderson Amor Quilico is two months old!  Since her middle name is spanish, I did the title in spanish.  Clever, huh?  And yes, I did have to look up how to say “months” in spanish online, so thanks for asking about that…

Here is our two month old!

a signature andee move...the slow mo topple over

oh, and her dolly was doing the same move 🙂

happy 2 month birthday andee!

oh, and p.s.  added to my list of things i hate doing more than shaving with a steak knife is seeing my 2 month old get her first shots.  painful painful painful…

Andee goes to Aspen…

My college roomie, Jill, was leaving Aspen this weekend and heading back to Ohio for the school year.  Andee wanted to see Jill one more time before she left, so we headed over Independence Pass on Friday to see Jill and her mom for the day.  Blaire got to go with us.  We had a great time…beautiful scenery, good consignment shops, yummy food, and great conversation!  So good to see you all!

(that was Andee’s first time to the continental divide…one the way down the pass she asked, “mommy, why is it a continental divide?  what does that mean?”  and i replied, “it means that water runs downhill both ways” and she said, “mommy that doesn’t make very much sense” and i replied, “i’m just repeating what i’ve heard.  i’ve never understood it either.”  she’s brilliant i tell ya.)

In other big news, Andee wore her big girl jean jumper yesterday…

And Steve got a hold of the camera for a little naptime photo shoot..

And lastly, Andee would like you to see her new favorite face…(just kidding, but she has definitely found her cry :) )

Happy Sunday!  And Happy Birthday Granna! We wish we could be there to celebrate!

basil and bumbo…

2 big things happened over the past 2 days in the Quilico home..

1.  We picked some of the basil that Steve is growing and topped our pasta with it.  I took a picture because I was so proud of Steve…every time I try and grow anything it dies.  We also used some of his cilantro in our guac, but I forgot to take a picture.

2.  Baby Andee sat in her Bumbo seat for the first time yesterday.  She also fell asleep in her Bumbo seat for the first time yesterday.