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Vaca-the Quilico’s head south!

We just got back from two weeks in Georgia and Florida!  We are glad to be back home, but boy oh boy did we enjoy our first vacation with baby Andee…here are a butt-load of pictures from our trip (can a 28 year old mom use the word “butt-load” in a blog post?  i do believe so..:))…

Our family friend, Kelly McDonald, got married and we got to go since we were in town!

Baby Andee hangin' with Granna at the wedding (yep, Granna it is! it has taken a while to decide, but mom finally chose a name :))

The Blake's spent a lot of time with us and cousin Montgomery took very good care of Andee.

the boys and the baby hanging out watching the Braves

Some of my oldest and dearest friends came to visit!

And aren't we reproducing well? 5 little ones and two on the way!

us with Aunt Laura at the beach

baby Andee peering over Granna's shoulder on the golf cart...oh how we love a good golf cart ride!

the fam on the beach

andee took this one...

baby takes after her momma...not a huge fan of getting in the ocean

Andee found her smile and her voice while we were at the beach!

Overall, it was a wonderful trip!  We are glad to have our first plane trip behind us and to know that we can do it!  And we are so happy to have been able to share our precious little girl with family and friends in the south!


Andee turns one…


Yep, our little one is one month old today.  Here she is today…

Steve made the picture even though he isn’t one month old.  Actually, he turned 319 months old on July 2nd.

Just in case you haven’t gotten enough of Andee yet, here are a few more…

Andee's cute face.

The first time she wore a headband.

Andee's first rodeo! She got to hang out with the rodeo clown!

And for those of you who aren’t so into babies…here is one of Steve’s latest flies.  He is very proud of the new flies he is tying.  They are streamers.  They are apparently very fun to fish with.  Don’t you like his blue eyes?

miss independent

Yesterday Andee wore a dress that said “Miss Independent” on it.  It was pretty darn cute.  We had a great 4th of July–church in the park, a parade, a long nap (fly tying for Steve, napping for Leslie and Andee), two parties (Brandon and Jenny’s with family and friends, and Jesse and Cat’s with more friends!), topped off with BV fireworks…

Party pics with a baby are a little tough…I do love how she is looking at me in this pic though 🙂

If you look closely at the calendar behind us, you’ll notice we fly to Georgia in less than 2 weeks–yippee!!!  Andee’s first experience of the south should be fabulous!

Here’s an extra 2 pics from a week ago, freebies to goo and gah over…(this was Andee’s first time to go to church, and her first time to wear shoes!)

Don’t you just love it….

When good friends come to visit?

Cori has been here since Monday, and Blaire came over with her parents from Colorado Springs yesterday to visit!  It was a fabulous day!

Nothing like good friends to make your soul happy 🙂