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dear God, if we are wrong about it being a girl…

…this is going to be an awful room for a boy to grow up in…

I have to be honest, I’m OBSESSED with this giraffe.  Painted by my great friend Rachelle (who also painted my belly in the pictures we had done awhile back).  I could sit in this room all day.  It’s the best.  There is also a candle from Target that is “sugared grapefruit” and it is seriously the best smelling candle I have ever found.

p.s. we had our first iris bloom today.  i will post a picture soon.  i think it’s funny that i want to post pictures of flowers like i have a green thumb.  i had to ask a lady that came to my yard sale what the iris’s even were…..


our first poppy :)

This morning we were greeted with our first poppy of the season 🙂

Oh how I love these flowers!  I don’t want to discriminate though…the tulips are prettying up our back yard and I haven’t bragged on them yet, so here is a tulip…

And for those of you who want to follow the construction of our “Guest Cottage” here you go. Yep, we are closer to a roof now and the door is normal human size 🙂

Happy Monday!

p.s. our baby girl is due in 16 days 🙂

Things you need to see…

So I’ve had some more requests for belly shots…here is one from about 2 minutes ago.  Here I am at 37 weeks (plus a few days :))…

We are excited for Baby to come see us!

There are other things you should see too..

First, I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen a picture of Jem from prom.  Here are 2.

Reilly and Jem

Steve has been busy in our backyard lately.  You might have seen our shed in a snow picture I posted in December (check it out if not…  Well Steve has decided that our shed should no longer be a shed.  It should be a GUEST COTTAGE.  And I am totally for this.  I think it sounds awesome.  Here is what it looks like today…

No, it doesn’t have a midget door.  Steve just hasn’t cut the whole door out yet.  And no offense if a little person reads my blog.  The truth is, this is going be awesome at our house–a great little place for Steve’s office and for people to sleep when they come visit us..wink wink.

Lastly, you should definitely see how Henri jumps when he wants to come inside..

He’s about 2.5 feet off the ground.  Come on, that’s just funny.

my first mother’s day :)

Here’s how it went down so far.

I had to get up at 6 a.m. and come to the couch to finish sleeping.  for some reason my hips are taking better to the couch than to our bed at 36 weeks pregnant.

Sitting in the living room was a great basket wrapped up with some goodies, and a card.  i’m pretty sure it was supposed to be like easter and i was supposed to find it when we all woke up together.

i opened the card but left the basket for when steve got up.  the card was signed by steve and jem with really sweet stuff.  i smiled.  it was a way better thing to be thinking about while going to sleep than the dream i had just had.

the dream i had just had involved a “chimichanga” (in my dream it was like a little furry animal, but i’m pretty sure it’s usually a fried burrito) that had latched onto my hand and it hurt!  and a bunch of people had to put me through an obstacle course to get it off.  it was intense.

i was way more happy thinking about my first mother’s day card (ok, my first one from my husband…i actually got one in the mail from Steve’s mom yesterday..thank you!).  It said on the front, “I may not be the smartest man in the world…”, and on the inside, “but then, I tricked you into marrying me, so I’m not a total doofus.  Happy Mother’s Day.”

I kind of thought doofus was spelled wrong, but that’s the way Hallmark did it.

It reminds me of Steve so much because anytime I get frustrated with something he does or doesn’t do, he always looks at me and says, “Hey.  You married me.  That’s your mistake.”  And then I get to laughing.

p.s. the rest of the gift was a great basket of yummy smelling stuff and a gift certificate for a 1/2 day at the spa 🙂  and some chocolate.  this is one very happy mama.  and very big…36 weeks this week!