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blog marathon…

this is about to get crazy.  hold on….

We have had so much going on since I last blogged (actually, one thing I wanted to tell you about happened before I last blogged, but I haven’t told you about it yet).

*The last week of March, the Quilico family went to the Dominican Republic.  We went with a group of 18 people from BV.  It was us, Jem, some of our WyldLife leaders, some of our Young Life leaders, the Ismerts and their little girl Campbell.  What a fun trip!  Although I wasn’t super helpful during the work days  at the Young Life camp there, it was still worth it because we love the DR!  And we love our friends there!  We got to visit with our friend Meredith who moved to the DR to teach almost a year ago.  And we got to see our Dominican friends.  Overall, it was a wonderful trip.  It’s fun to watch God work in the lives of the high school friends we take.  And we can’t wait to take our little girl next year!

Leslie, Baby Q, Steve, and Jem during our last night in the DR.

*Last week (April 14th to be exact) was Jem’s 17th birthday.  His friends threw him a surprise party on his actual birthday (Steve went but I was in Denver picking up my mom at the airport!).  And then on Friday we took Jem out to dinner with some of the adults in the community that love him and wish they were his parents.  We also let his girlfriend, Reilly, come too.  We had a great time celebrating Jem and we can hardly believe that he goes back to Germany in less than 2 months.  AHH!!!  (prom is this weekend…i’ll post pics :))

fun out on the town for Jem's birthday

*Last Saturday afternoon, I got showered with love again at a baby shower here in BV.  It was a great time and our sweet little girl got some of the best stuff ever.  She is spoiled already!  A great big thank you to everyone who had a part in the shower….

me opening gifts...

hostesses! jami, sarah, and lisa...great friends!

me and blaire (who might have some more pics from the shower that i can post later :))

me and my friend Lu, who is a senior at BVHS

*Lastly, a sneak peek at the nursery.  It’s not done yet, but came A VERY LONG WAY when my mom was here last week.  We had a great time working on this.  It was such a treat to have my mom here.  So here is the sneak get to see a pic of the crib.  All the bedding homemade by me and my Mimi (my grandma).  Pretty cool, huh?

Ahh….breathe…blog marathon over…


baby bump sneak peek..

we had a few shots taken this morning and we just got one sent over as a sneak peek…..pretty fun huh?  thanks to my friend rachelle for her artsy take on the baby bump….more to come!