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showered with love :)

I (Leslie) went to Georgia last week for some much needed time with family and friends, and for a baby shower!  It’s crazy that just over a year ago I was opening pots and pans at wedding showers, and now I am opening onesies and pack-n-plays at a baby shower!

My great friends hosted a phenomenal shower, complete with pink and orange everything to go with our baby’s room decor.  Even down to the M&Ms.

Here are some pictures from the shower….enjoy!  And thank you so much to all the hostesses and to all my family and friends who attended and showered us with love and support.

me with the hostesses...

cori and friends make baby showers so fun!

my cousin montgomery was a huge help!

my friend Hope and I are due on the exact same day!

It sure was a fun trip, but as always I was excited to come back home to Steve, Jem, Ollie, Henri, and our home.  Today Steve and I got to tour the delivery center at the hospital where we will have the baby.  The room is really nice and homey, and Steve even has a pull out couch!  Plus, the rooms have huge windows with gorgeous views of the mountains.  Not too shabby.

We also went to the wrestling banquet tonight to celebrate the team that Steve helped coach this past season.  It was fun to see kids celebrated and lifted up for their hard work and dedication.  Overall, we have had a good day and enjoyed it being 60 degrees outside!!!!  We even walked to the wrestling banquet…..

Peace out friends.


Comment of the day…

I came home around 4:00 this afternoon and found Jem (our exchange student :)) in the kitchen eating a snack with one of his friends Ryan…here is the conversation that followed:

Jem (pointing at my belly):  that’s getting fat

Ryan:  that’s not nice, Jem

Jem (pointing at my hips):  well that’s still skinny, but her belly is not