Ok, I’ve had a few phone calls, emails, and blog comments about this.  And since you have spoken, o mighty blog audience, you will get what you want….

So my eyes are almost closed in the picture, but I don’t think you are looking at my eyes.  This is me at 25 weeks! 🙂  People have been asking for belly pictures, and so I obliged.

In other baby news, our last ultrasound proved that Baby Q is definitely a girl!   She was much less modest this time.  Something we might have to work on later in life 🙂

In other general news, Steve coached a high school kid to 5th in the state of Colorado last weekend!  Oliver did a great job, and Steve is a great coach. Steve is glad to have a little more time in the evenings, but I’m sure he’s already missing wrestling.

We leave in just 4 weeks for the Dominican Republic!  We are taking 18 folks (including our exchange student Jem) on a mission trip during spring break to help build a YL camp there.  Steve and I can’t wait for this–we love the people and the place and look forward to going every year!  Baby Q is excited for rice and beans for a week.  And Dominican hot chocolate…..yummy 😉

I (Leslie) will be in Georgia for a baby shower in 2 weeks!  Yippee!

Well, there is your update on the Quilico family.  Enjoy the picture of my fat belly!