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Grand Opening!

Frontier Ranch is the Young Life camp that is about 10 miles from our house.  Steve worked on their big gymnasium project for about 6 months this past year.  Yesterday, we went to the grand opening of their gym to celebrate it being done!  Here are our pics from that…I thought they were worth sharing…

Boy, my calves look good…..


It’s a…..


20 weeks!

Yay!  We are halfway through this whole pregnancy thing…we went in for our 20 week ultrasound Tuesday.  As usual, I had a great plan.  We took a card in with us, and asked the doctor to write the sex of the baby on the card.  Then we were going to wait until this Saturday to open it.  We are going out to eat with a few friends for my birthday, and we thought that would be a fun surprise.

Well, the baby was not as cooperative as we would hope.  He/she was back up, curled up, and very modest.  This might work out to our favor later in life :).  The doctor wrote her best guess on the card, but said she was only about 80% sure.  She said “save your receipts and don’t get a tattoo.”  I wondered if she says that to everyone or just Steve.

So on Saturday, we will open our best guess on the sex of our baby!  We are just going to go with it until we hear different.  So expect an announcement this weekend 🙂

I was going to post videos here, but we are still having trouble.  I wish you could see the video of Steve’s beard.  It is 20 weeks old too, just like the baby!  I am more nervous about his beard at 40 weeks than birthing this baby 😉

Tis the Season

Here you go friends.  A Quilico update, complete with Christmas pictures!

We spent Christmas in Buena Vista and had a great time.  On Christmas Eve morning, we went with a few friends up to St. Elmo, a ghost town.  We snowshoed and it was a blast.  Henri and Ollie had a great time too.  I tried to take my little camera and it froze, so I don’t have a good pic.  Jem might have one, I’ll have to ask.

On Christmas, we went to the Erchul’s house (Steve’s aunt and uncle).  We had a great time there too!  Dinner and fun celebrating Brandon’s (Steve’s cousin) Christmas birthday.

The day after Christmas, we headed to Georgia for 6 days.  Our goal was to rest, relax, and be with family.  Boy were we successful!

Steve opening his fly tying kit on "Christmas morning" (the 27th in GA :))

Me, Blaire, Cori, and our moms on "Christmas Eve Morning" (the 27th also :))Steve and I waiting in line at the World of Coke

Cousins at the World of Coke! Lindsey, Garrison, Montgomery

The whole gang at the World of Coke 4-D movie (minus me :))

Family pic

Cousins Kathy and Scott. Kathy--you are officially a blog star 🙂

We had a great Christmas season.  We so loved spending time with friends and family in Colorado, although we were bummed that Steve’s parents got snowed in in Minnesota and couldn’t join us in CO.  And in GA, we had a blast too.  We wish Laura hadn’t been sick, because we didn’t get to spend enough time with her, but I think the swine flu had her attention.

Overall, we are excited for 2010 and everything that comes with it!  (including a new baby!)

Merry Christmas to all from the Quilicos!  And a Happy New Year too!