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si se puede! and other fun things from the dr!

well we’ve done it again! les and I have traveled to another country since our wedding in december. this time around we decided to visit the fine folks at a vida joven (young life) camp in the dominican republic. we arrived at pico escondido (hidden peak) on saturday, march 21st, at around 2 in the afternoon. It rained from that time until tuesday morning. 

Along with Jim and Meredith, two of leslie’s high school leaders, we brought 8 high school students with us to work on the camp doing various odd jobs that needed to get done. most everybody wound up pouring, mixing, or wheel-barreling lots and lots of concrete around the camp to do several projects. Here’s a pic of leslie and some of the girls on one of those days:



the camp we were working on hosts kids from all over the dominican republic during the summer. Last year over 200 kids got to come to the camp and have “the best week of their lives” or so i’m told. What is amazing is that these kids get to hear the life changing message of jesus christ during that week, and many come to have a relationship with him. 

It was such a blessing to get to see the impact of Vida Joven in the local area. Even a few of the kids would come up to the camp after school and help us work to earn a scholarship to come to the camp in the summer. 

Most of the staff at pico are also leaders for the local vida joven club. One of the nights we were there, the kids came and performed club for us! Here’s a pic of me puttin’ on my best dance moves during club. dsc_0173

We are both sooo excited to hopefully get to return there in the future. The culture, the language, the people, everything about the dr was amazing. 

Here’s some more random pics from the trip



a fun pic of the group from b.v. they day we left

dsc_03281dsc_02341Glad to be home now, hope everybody’s week was wonderful! We’ll post some more pics from the trip on here soon.

Love always, all ways

steve and leslie


Nuggets, State Tourney, Lazy Weekend…

I (Leslie) got to go on a fun little excursion this week.  On Wednesday I headed to Denver with 3 girlfriends and fellow Young Life leaders.  We went to the Nuggets game (I got free tickets :)), my first time!  Below are pics from the Nuggets game.  I’ll have you know, a 2 year old took the picture I’m in…


Me & Meredith

Me & Meredith


Lisa & Heather

Lisa & Heather

After the Nuggets game, we headed to Ft. Collins to spend the night and then go to the Basketball State Tourney the next day.  Our girl’s team made it!  We stayed the night at Bob Seale’s house (the YL staff person in Ft. Collins) and found a few sketchy costumes in the downstairs closet…:)


The bear and the Cowboy jumped on Heather and Meredith as they tried to sleep...

The bear and the Cowboy jumped on Heather and Meredith as they tried to sleep...

The girls didn’t win on Thursday, but they played great this weekend.  They ended 4th in state!  We are so proud of them.  To celebrate, Steve and I decided to stay at home all weekend and be lazy.  Ok, so it wasn’t really to celebrate, but that is what we did.  Here is a picture of what we’ve done this weekend:

dsc_0025Ok, so we’ve done a little more than that.  But the truth is, we have relaxed and loved every minute of it.  Steve fished in the river today and me and the dogs hung out on the rocks for a good long while.  We made a pizza for dinner, watched movies, cleaned up the yard, threw the frisbee two different times, went out for breakfast, etc.  I even made an apron and two bags!  It feels like the weekend is over, but we still have tomorrow!  Oh boy, we are living the life!

Here is a family pic from about 5 minutes ago.  Tough to take a family pic when no one will sit still, but at least you get a good view of one of Steve’s new tattoos…

dsc_0027Well, happy Sunday to all of our blog readers!  I guess it is already Sunday for most of you….


A Tribute to Jasper


Ok, so we have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that my sister, Laura, gave her dog away.  The good news is that she didn’t like him.  The other bad news is that she gave him to my grandma, which means we still have to see him on holidays and other times throughout the year.  


The Quilicos are dog people.  We love our dogs.  I love Henri more and Steve loves Ollie more.  Actually, I think Steve would like Henri just as much but Henri is having a bit of trouble adjusting to having a dad in the house.  He is rebelling a bit, and Henri’s rebellion ends with urine on the carpet. 

As a tribute to Jasper (Laura’s FORMER pup), we thought we would take a vote on which dog is the cutest.  Please let us know which of the Goss/Quilico dogs wins your heart…







Happy choosing. 

Peace, Leslie

p.s. Just an update on the Quilicos…we went to Fraser, CO last weekend with two other couples to rest and relax.  We had a great weekend and I (Leslie) got to use my new snowshoes that I got for my birthday!  We came back, I had a staff retreat for the past two days, and Steve is speaking at youth group tonight.  We are having a great time in 60 degree weather in Colorado!