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Well we just had our “housewarming” party. I (steve) invited about 10 people, leslie invited about 15. We had about 40 show up. The amazing thing was, nobody went home hungry, even though we were worried about not having enough. We love our little community of family and friends, and how so many people from so many different walks of life can come together and live life together. I hope tonight was the first of many “housewarming” parties we get to host. God is good. Amen. G’night.



Crusty Butt

That’s what we called Crested Butte the entire time we were there.  It never got old :).  We (“we” in this sentence means Steve, Leslie, and Blaire) drove from BV over to Crusty Butt to meet Cori and Phil last Sunday and Monday.  We had a blast, and also got to spend time with our friend Cole and her bf Ian.  We like them 🙂

Mount Crusty Butt is our new favorite place to board.  It is pretty darn rockin’.

You never know when you might end up sitting on a snowmobile made out of ice.  Or when you might have to share a bed with us (Sorry Blaire!).  We couldn’t decide if that was creepy or not.  You can weigh in on the situation if you’d like.  All I can say is, life is crazy when you hang with the Quilico’s.

Gratefully, Mrs. Quilico