Seriously, I used to think that.  I thought that you had to have a baby to blog, so that you could have blogs titled “Today my sweet one blinked once and rolled halfway over.”  Now obviously you would be drawn into a blog like that.  I mean, who could stop reading after you know that a small human rolled halfway over?  You have to see if they made it all the way eventually…

The truth is, the Quilico blog will contain no baby blogs for awhile.  What we will have is fun commentaries on our crazy life in Buena Vista, Colorado.  We will probably have some deep, artistic blogs in which we bare our innermost feelings, but those will be few and far between. 

Like any bloggers, we know that we will typically have a reading audience of about 3, 2 of which will be our parents.  But we will write and we will be faithful.

Onward Quilicos!