the north pole.

we went to see santa in december.  i was just uploading a bunch of pictures online and got a good laugh at this…our best and only santa picture.


creepy elf in the background just adds to the humor….


Christmas Season Part 1.

Hopefully, there will be many posts in the coming week or so to catch up here on our blog.  Honestly, it’s not because I think that you really care to see our Christmas pictures in February…I understand that your life is busy and our Christmas pics went off your radar a long time ago :).  However, I use our blog posts to make our yearly photo books, and if I leave out big events then they will never get recorded in our yearly books!  So just bear with me my friends…these are three of my favorite pics from our trip to Gatlinburg this year.  We join all the GA family and have a great time.  In attendance this year?  Me, Andee, Cynthia, and her friend Jessica.  It was awesome 🙂


give thanks.

not for my ever so punctual blogging skills, but for family, friends, and all of the blessings that have been lavished upon us.

we celebrated thanksgiving with friends and family.  i forgot to get a pic of the family, but my friend lisa took these cute ones of andee and cynthia.  L-O-V-E them.

the Quilico family has a lot to be thankful for.  and we are!!!!




Halloween. Yep, just getting to Halloween.

I don’t know why everyone tries to post right after a holiday or an event.  Honestly, I think it’s kind of fun to relive something about a month later.  So here’s to Halloween!

Andee wore this the whole day.  Special thanks to my sweet cousin Kathy and her girls for the outfit!


For the evening, we hosted an event at our church for the community.  Steve decorated our truck like a treasure chest and himself like a pirate.  Andee was a little lamb.  I wore an orange t-shirt.  




Happy Halloween 🙂

Pumpkin Patch

Last year I took Andee to the pumpkin patch and you might remember that I showed I was a rookie.  If you don’t remember, click here to read about how I mistook the bean bag toss for one of those wooden scenes that you stick your face in for a picture.

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Needless to say, Pumpkin Patch 2011 was way more successful.  With Andee being a TODDLER now, we were able to enjoy the petting zoo, hay bale maze, corn husk dolls, apple cider, and the wagon ride!  And the best news of all–Granna was with us!  Granddad and Granna came to visit for the weekend, and Daddy and Granddad had to go hunting in the morning.  So we went to the pumpkin patch!

Happy Fall Y’all! (Nobody says that out here so I have to get it out of my system somehow!)



steve and the ladies

there are three special ladies in steve’s life.

Pic#1-Steve & Leslie taking a “party pic” (that’s where you take it yourself and you pose like you are at a party) on the couch after a wild night of kid wrangling and dish washing.  We’re crazy I tell you.  I asked Steve what he loved about me, and he said that there are so many things he can’t really pick.  But then he said that he loves how I pick up after him, and that I act like I hate it but really he knows I love it.  He’s so weird. And disillusioned.

Pic #2-Steve & Andee.  Two peas in a pod.  Da-Da is her favorite word to say, and his favorite to hear! His favorite thing about Andee right now?  How she runs laps around the kitchen and thinks it is the funnest thing ever.

Pic #3-Steve & Cynthia.  Most of you know Cynthia.  She is a senior in high school and lives with our family.  We love “sissy” (as Andee calls her!).  Cynthia was on the winning Powder Puff team and Steve was a referee!  My favorite moments with these two involve hearing Steve tell Cynthia all about history and why it’s important for her to know it.  I’ll never forget a conversation where he explained the difference between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr.  Just too funny :).  Another funny thing?  Steve absolutely cannot get over how much ice cream this girl can eat.  It blows him away and he talks about it a lot.


Steve is a great daddy and a great husband.  We love Da-Da!


has your kid ever stuck her whole hand in a giraffe’s mouth?

mine has.